Boston Fern

For any plant collector, Nephrolepis exaltata is your basic bread-and-butter filler.

This fast growing fern can produce lush trailing fronds from a runner in a year.

These are plants that – aside watering most days – will be happy with nothing much else.

I have my two ferns picking up morning sun and indirect sun for the rest of the day.

Given these conditions the plant puts forth many fronds that live almost forever.

I've had to treat it once for mealy bug, but it was picked up early and the plant recovered quickly.

I set mine up in a macrame, and water into the drip tray.

Making sure the plant has water in the tray every day (or every second day) is pretty much it.

Overtime they become green chandeliers
— Mrs B

Boston Fern

Latin name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Pot: Hanging

Water: keep moist always

Lighting: Morning and/or indirect sun

Planting medium: 1 part good quality potting mix 1 part coconut coir fibre


Once every 6 months with Dynamic Lifter pellets (teaspoon)

Seasol (seaweed extract) once ever 2 months,

Thrive high Nitrogen liquid fertiliser once every 3-4 months

Reproduction: Runners and spore (for much older plants)

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