He is a digital communication strategist, writer and photographer with a penchant for adding scientific rigour to communication activity. With a desire to press curiosity into all subjects, Jason finds joy in intentional living and sharing this with his readers. Issues like simplicity, frugality, minimalism are what he wants to further explore, but he doesn’t always get it right — like everyone else, he’s learning.

In a digitally saturated world the need to recalibrate and reframe offline will become part of our daily digest. As we become more digitally native, algorithms will better predict our future online behaviour, but Jason believes curiosity, design and creativity will remain the unpredictable realm of humanity. The push for simplicity and intentional living will manifest to greater degrees.

Jason comes from a background of biological sciences and communication, and finds his purpose lies between these two environs — to add scientific gravity to many of the concepts that we anecdotally comprehend and continually ask ‘why are things the way they are?’

This blog, Tannicteeth, is Jason’s personal medium of expression, established in 2007. His published works encompass WA literary journal Dot Dot Dash, SPICE Magazine wine writer 2007-publication closure (2011), Men’s Fitness, ScienceNetwork WA.


  • Bachelor Science Viticulture and Oenology

  • Graduate Diploma Professional Writing and Publishing

Microbiology, plant biology and organic chemistry formed the foundation of Jason’s Bachelor of Science in Viticulture and Oenology. The world of sensorial, biological and fermentation came together in the confines and a wine glass. This, coupled with a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing and Publishing, provides Jason with a rounded skill set in science communication.

Jason’s experience ranges from publishing, project management, digital and strategic communications across both the private and public sectors. He is committed to seeking out seamless and intuitive communication design methods and hopes to affect change — for the better.


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