La Violetta ‘Le rayon V’ 2010

I’ve been holding on to this goodie for a while now and La Violetta’s Le Rayon V makes one year shy of a decade worth waiting.

As a nine year old, it was surprisingly youthful. A deep intensity only hinted to age at the very edges of the glass, and that was really peering.

We splashed this out of the bottle to a primary decanter but the first half was not as impressive as the last.

On the nose it held rich berries and chocolate. Acidity perfectly balanced there was nothing to complain about. It was textured, thick as syrup and deftly long on the palate.

We pulled it through a Chemex which was at arm’s reach, it sufficed as a secondary decanter and that morning’s coffee maker (read minimalist).

I think it could last another ten years before starting to decline.

It’s a seriously good drop.

Colour 3 / 3
Aroma 6.5 / 7
Taste 8.7 / 10
Overall 18.2 / 20
La Violetta ‘Le rayon V’ 2010