Swiss Cheese Vine

Like clothing, fashion and trends apply also to the plant world.

As of 2018/19 the plant many people want to have in Swiss Cheese Plant or Monstera deliciosa. This is a large rambling plant capable of growing upwards of 30 meters outdoors, and as tall as any ceiling will stretch. Leaf perforation happens as the plant grows large so it may be several years before one enjoys what it’s commonly called.

An alternative is the Swiss Cheese Vine or Monstrea adansonii. As the name suggests it’s more vine-like in its growth pattern and almost all the leaves of M. adansonii beautifully perforate. It’s a pretty rare version of the common plant and something all plant collectors must have.

I’ve found it’s most striking grown against a light coloured wall. As the leaves grow out it pulls the view of the wall behind making a stunning display.

Grow it up against a light coloured wall to show off its window-like leaves.

As far as care instructions. it’s basically the same as M. deliciosa. They like having a bit of dry between waterings, so if in doubt (unless your plant is seriously wilting) don’t water!


Swiss Cheese Vine

Latin name: Monstrea adansonii

Pot: Hanging, pot with totem

Water: dryer is better than wetter

Lighting: Indirect, shade, can actually tolerate full sun over time

Planting medium: 1 part good quality potting mix


Once every 6 months with Dynamic Lifter pellets (teaspoon)

Seasol (seaweed extract) once ever 2 months

Thrive high Nitrogen liquid fertiliser once every 3-4 months

Reproduction: stem cuttings

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