Castelli Uno 2012

Nothing says grandness more than a bottle closure sealed in wax.

Tamper proof and yearning of days of yore, a wax seal also keeps the bottle (on cork) hermitically sealed, slowing further slowing down the aging process. It may be the bane of bar tenders and sommeliers but they’re a bit of fun to open on occasion.

Castelli’s Uno (yes I know the image says Ebullient — packaging error) is an unclarified Pinot that’s a throwback to Beaujolais. With the aforementioned sealed in wax (glass closure) this wine played the little genie when disgorged. We watched it open different facets over the 2 hours we quietly sipped at it. Little bit of oak here, tart cherry there, and persistent tannic flocking. Laden with red currant and strawberries you could pair this with fusion Vietnamese, or toned down yum cha. The uberfresh berry approach on the palate makes you want the bottle to be as generous in volume as it was in the panache of packaging.

Pairs best with

Colour 3/3
Aroma 5.8/7
Taste 8.7/10
Overall 17.5/20