Supply Coffee – Coffs Harbour

Supply Coffee – Coffs Harbour

We all have mornings like these – where we wake for no reason to the chatter of the day’s unfinished business. I call this day-residue.

We’ve not quite defragmented what’s happened and it foams up to an uneventful wakeup. It’s usually around three or four in the morning and you know within half an hour the birds will herald the morning. You might as well start your day early. These things of course didn’t happen while on holiday on the Coffs Coast.

We were here because we had our early morning shattered into a hundred pieces.

Crusty eyed and with joints going, snap, crackle and pop we set off in search of a reasonable café in town.

Regional cities can be a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to good coffee.  And you can pretty much abandon all hope for one that is nicely branded. For that I mean consistent use of elements of style across their printed materials (menus, website, business cards, uniforms) and the professionalism resonating with the quality product delivered.

 Supply Coffee is one of those rare finds that brings the aforementioned elements to sync.

 An onsite roaster and an after-hours bar that’s been set up in what appears to be an old garage lends itself a grungy unfinished charm to an otherwise hum-drum road leading into town.

Supply was certainly the place for coffee in Coffs that morning. I’d ordered a Uraga Tome (Ethiopian) long black which was so fruit driven I spaced it out with bit more water. Faultless.

For meals we had chickpea, chorizo and quinoa bruschetta that was as equally put together – a nice level of char on the sourdough surface shows the grill was fiercely hot but but the bread not left to burn – it’s the small things in taste that make a difference. Keeping it simple, safe and easy deliver bound my expectations. This was a place we’d visit again – next time with more friends.