Mrs B’s herby goat’s cheese scrambled eggs

Mrs B’s herby goat’s cheese scrambled eggs

Cooking eggs well have been the bane of my existence.

Sure, the easy way is to get a non-stick pan, spray with oil and away you go.

But in reality it’s not that simple. Non-stick pans are unsuitable for cooking at higher temperatures, eventually chip and wear away (quite often into food), and don’t carry the same burden of longevity that a properly conditioned cast iron or enamel pan does. Why buy a pan designed to last only 12 months to a year? The world can’t sustain such a disposable approach to cooking. Fifty years ago pans lasted a life time, why are they now suddenly ephemeral?

Cast iron and enamels are what we settled with, however that comes with the cost of egg white sticking – regardless of oil saturation.

This is due to the proteins in the white which act on the surface of the metal or enamel, basically fusing with into a solid frustrating and burnt mass.

People often blame the temperature, however I’ve tried low (and smeared the egg into a lumpy paste, or too high and bonded like araldite).

What I did learn was observing Miss Reid pull together a fantastic goat’s cheese scrambled egg recipe for Mrs. B’s birthday brunch.

Novel as the idea may be, I’d never thought of using baking paper on a pan to prevent eggs from sticking – so in this case – the banged up holiday house pan became a vessel for yokey perfection.

This is a modification of that recipe adapted by Mrs B.

Mrs B’s herby goat’s cheese scrambled eggs


Baking parchment (for lining your fry pan)

6 organic free range eggs

butter or ghee for frying

1 container Meredith goat’s cheese

2 tablespoon chopped flat-leaf parsley

2 tablespoon sliced garlic chives

2 sprigs fresh thyme (spring shredded)

salt and pepper (season to taste)


Line the pan with the baking parchment and heat on gently warming the butter into golden solution.

Crack all eggs into a mixing vessel and lightly beat – much like you would an adversary who shares opposing political views.

Mix in chopped herbs retaining an amount to garnish at the end.

Pour in the mixture into the pan and slowly disturb the forming yellowy curds.

When the mixture starts to thicken, drop in the crumbled clumps of cheese.

At this point, keep stirring to a minimum (as you may want to retain pockets of cheese) or if you prefer, continue to stir making it smoothly homogeneous.

Turn off the heat and allow the mixture to continue to cook by folding over half the parchment paper – similar to some kind of eggy taco. Ideally you want a consistency that is creamy and not over cooked. But if you prefer the complimentary-hotel-breakfast-bain-marie-style scrambled egg consistency then cook away.

To finish scatter the remaining chopped herbs in a way reminiscent of Salt bae at the table.