Ayala Champagne Brut Majeur NV

Ayala Champagne Brut Majeur NV

Sometimes mentioning valid celebrations can garner unexpected extra treatment.

This was the case while flying Virgin home to Brisbane in October after our wedding in Perth.

It was a simple request for the air stewards as we boarded, “Can you please hang up these – it’s our wedding attire – as we just got married”.

Virgin staff were excitedly and unexpectedly helpful. Soon after take-off we received a congratulatory glass of champagne brought by the Inflight Service Manager.

Throughout the flight we had several stewards come by and have a chat about how the wedding day went with genuine curiosity. And it was not until disembarking the plane – as we passed the business class section on the way out – that a steward was holding our wedding attire and the service manager a cold bottle of Ayala Champagne.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs, we hope you enjoyed your flight, compliments from the cabin crew and Virgin Australia.”

We felt welcomed and special. Thank you Virgin Australia – we enjoyed it 6 months later with some of our bridal party.

Appearance 3 / 3

Bright yellow. For a champagne, the colour is confidently unremarkable.

Aroma 6.5 / 7

Green apple on the nose, autolysis, yeasty and honeyed. Far more malic fruit forward and superbly balanced with secondary bottle age.

Taste 8.9 / 10

The honeyed tones carry through on the palate lending to delicacy of balance. Again the green pomme fruits show through with briochey dominant midpalate.

Overall 18.4 / 20

I was astonished by the power and length breaking though this wine especially when – like most sparkling wines – served too cold to fully appreciate. When the last glistening dregs of this wine were finished I fully acquired the impression.