Murray Street Vineyards Viognier Marsanne 2010

Murray Street Vineyards Viognier Marsanne 2010

Marasanne is not a humdrum variety present at commercial retailers unless the manager retains a little cache to present to clients who press for the unusual. Known for it’s nutty, quince paste like character when aged, marsanne also develops potent shucked oyster/ briny tone which is both peculiar and not undesired. When blended with the classic Rhône valley variety viognier, the resultant wine is powerful, complex and worthy of considered sippage. Murray Street Vineyards I suspect were not producing this wine in vast quantities, as when I saw this for sale at a wine show in October, I purchased their remaining available vintage. You can ask for this wine, as I have at subsequent wine shows, they do have it but may not be on display. From the late age release and deep-punted bottle, one could imagine this was for the welcome folly of a the winemaker, not the marketeer.

Appearance 3 / 3

Light golden yellow. Becoming of age.

Aroma 6.5 / 7

Briney, schisty, crushed oysters and developed yellow tropical fruit. Like panfried oysters prosciutto and melon.

Taste 8.5 / 10

Textured, fleshy, ripe yellow fruit. The palate weight is heavy and long with a layered bottle age character rearing its head. Unusual and a delight.

Overall 18 / 20

This wine is stitched together after six years in the bottle. Certainly a wine that I would be asking for the next time I see a MSV exhibit and a welcome find among many “crowd pleasing” wines. Enjoy with an insanely caloric spaghetti alla carbonara.