The strain of patience in making the heart grow fonder

The strain of patience in making the heart grow fonder

Life certainly has its way of instructing.

At some point in life you’ll learn to control your anger, and perhaps not bust out over road-rage. I’m still learning on that one. Or overcome low self esteem and view yourself for the true potential that you are.

To find your perfect match in a partner is one of my life’s lessons. And when I say perfect match I do mean it.

Perfectly complementary. She’s got personality, she’s got quirk, and she’s got the radiant aura and eyes that glow like miniature galaxies. We get along like a house on fire that’s made of pure magnesium.

We both get each other in shameless humanity. But as always things are never so easy. Life will instruct. Things are never this easy.

The lesson? Patience. She’s 6000 kilometres away in Brisbane. She was over here to see me for just 12 days. They flittered by.

Days melted into the next which were dissected with rolls of film. And it’s that which I rely on to get through the next 6 months before seeing her again. Till then.

It’s one day at a time.