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IMG 3540Gruner Veltliner is to Austria what Sauv Blanc is to New Zealand.
The only difference is the Austrians know good texture and mouthfeel in a wine when they find one, and produce it accordingly. Sadly our couzzie bros haven’t gotten over vegetal/methoxy nose to notice the majority of Savs are sadly lacking in the texture department. For that reason, Gruner is a little gem.

IMG 0967Having relocated to the “East Coast” because sadly the West was excruciatingly expensive, it was an opportunity to check out Tasmania and their respective wine regions.

Précis for the West: Tassie’s wines are generally expensive compared to “back home” when comparing against quality, and WA winemakers may wonder what all the fuss is about. Part quality, all market positioning.

IMG 3411I like the Belle General.

Not because of the old converted general store that it used to be, nor the quasi utilitarian beach house–farmhouse eatery that is now. It’s more to do with the entirely rounded package of a big-city confident café propped on the side of the sea on NSW north Coast – Ballina.

OKRIt is one of those wineries frozen in the 1990s. And for that I love it.
I had tried their wine a while back in mid 2000s while working at SPICE magazine as their winewriter and it notched something in my hippocampus. So in 2011 while cruising past that region we stopped in for a squiz.
We tried the 2008 Shiraz (of which we bought a 12 bottle case and promptly went back to purchase another), their Pinot (yet to open) and a bottle of the 2008 Chardonnay.
I must admit at the time of tasting the Chardonnay had not yet come together, which I why I gingerly only bought one bottle. How wrong I was. 
Having a few years of age, and being sent across the other side of the country, it was cracked open on a balmy QLD afternoon. We've all had those moments where wine dominates the afternoon, and this was one of them.

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