Great balls of fire

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Winter in Perth is punitive.

It's not particularly so as a result of the weather -- often the powder-blue lens of the sky curves around us most of the day -- but more so for artistic diurnal options. We struggle when it comes to arts and museums. Perth is culturally anaemic.

If only we could be more like our quirky and experimental sister, Melbourne. I guess however one could argue, we would be, er, Melbourne and lose our Perthian identity. Screw that -- I ain't wearing brown and grey tones. Picking up on the flailing threads of a struggling arts and culture, the new elected Lord Mayor trumpeted to action, reviving Perth's Arts and Culture scene. So now we have more interesting nibbles when it comes to exhibitions. The Art Gallery WA is exhibiting 'Relativity', the grotesquely endearing works of Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. It unashamedly details the visual affect of converging biotechnology and the human body--we CAN return to apes.

The WA Museum is also dealing out it's own fire and brimstone. A Day in Pompeii it's called. When Mt Vesuvius spat the dummy.

Due to coopyright issues, no photography is allowed in the exhibition . However what I can tell you is it's worth checking out. There is something mortally binding about staring at a body cast of a Roman knowing they were incinerated in 1000C pyroclastic flow. They carbonised. Their jaggedly poised bodies, speak volumes of our own precarious existence of our life on top a sea of lava. How quickly life is abandoned and forgotten.

It's an exhibition that doesn't make the rounds a lot. The last time it came I was inutero. All I can say is, that it was much better the second time.

A Day in Pompeii -- Wester Australian Museum Perth (Cultural Centre)

Erupting 21st May -- 5th September 2010


$20 Adults

$14 Concession

$12 Child

$54 Family


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