Subiaco Farmers Market

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Subiaco Farmers Market is about as bloomingly luscious and ephemerally delicious as markets come in Perth. True to her east coast roots, Misshandmaid even accepted these markets to be of "East Coast Quality" (albeit a little smaller) and that "she'd be happy to bring her mother here". I suppose the formula is simple.

Tee up a place where real farmers can sell their wares, have food producers who define their existence as careerists, and make it accessible to all ages and has a local music act. It sounds like a utopianistic foodies wonderland, but by the looks of it, it works well. Like most good-food meccas there is a often one astrally remote concept not broached by any vendor. Cooking.

Simply put, "I'm going to show you what you can do with this produce you can buy over there". And not peddle some mad eclectic assortment of peeling implements which slice tomato to three microns.* Brock Bethune, head chef at George's Meze was at the Subiaco Farmers Market for the past three weeks doing nothing but educating the public on roasting spice blends, slow cooking whole baby goat, and making lamb taste like only the Greeks know how.

I feel most people walked away with a smouldering desire to try something new in the kitchen. I did.

I liked the concept, which I believe is the missing link at Farmers Markets. Why do we all love watching cooking shows? Empowering people with the possibility of creating, is more enduring than pushing a brand or product. Keen participants even received a fearsome slice Kefalograviera to make Saganaki or roasted spice blends to take home and fool their friends by their culinary prowess.

This roundabout way of education has made me keen to venture to the restaurant. You don't often see chefs happily giving away their produce and in some ways I think the face-to-flavour will have an impact on people's minds. George's Meze won't be there next week though, it was just a three week trial, but I reckon it was a success. Local restaurants, read this as "invaluable PR". *If you'd like to see some of the mad eclectic peeling implements I've referred to which slice tomato to three microns then head down to the Good Food and Wine Show this weekend. 15--17 July, Convention Centre Perth. I have two free tickets to give away. Message me on twitter and you've got them.

Every Saturday at Subiaco Primary School, 271 Bagot Road, Subiaco.


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