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If you've been trundling down St Georges Terrace in the past few months, no doubt you would have seen the construction of one of Perth's most anticipated small bars slash restaurants. The Greenhouse.

Drawn from the valiant effort of its older sister in Melbourne, Perth's version has the rooftop garden (complete with veggie patch, fruit trees, and herb rows) and that oh so intriguing external lattice. Yes, those are individual terracotta pots. Yes, strawberries. Hundreds of them.




The idea here is simple. Be green. Minimise the carbon foot print. Make us scratch our heads over the energy inefficient lives we live. From the straw-bale insulation to the recycled plastic-container reinforced concrete, every effort has been made to reduce, reuse and recycle. More planning has gone into this than meets the eye. It's one of those light bulb moments, where the environment and architecture have combined. It's the way it should have always been. Ecologically sound, holistic approached. In many ways, The Greenhouse is leading by example. IMG_9854

On the menu you'll find offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All ingredients are sourced from producers either biodynamic or organic. Crushed peas & basil, poached eggs & toast to break your fast, or the tomato & goats curd tart, mixed leaves, aged balsamic for a midday feast, and dinner time it looks like a tapas. Piquillo pepper & manchego croquettes and pig head & trotter terrine, pickled cherries. Yum. And very reasonably priced.



It's an interesting little zone, the Greenhouse. It's unbleached, organic and recycled. It's unapologetic hippy-esque nature lends to the charm. There is a prodigiously young staff-ship who look like they're on their way to a Copenhagen; chirpy, hard-wired for action, in the first flush of youth.

Can't wait to see those strawberries bloom. And for the place to put down roots.



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