Salted Sirgi Peaberry Dark Chocolate

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chocoffee  066I’ve been researching food and wine pairing in order to deliver a talk at the Radical Wine and Chocolate event at the WA Museum on 01 June 2012.

If progressing a blog post is correlated to a full effort in procrastination, then I’ve turned this into an object of devotion.

Needless to say, on the tenderly sparkling Sunday afternoon while you’re stuck inside reading about wine and chocolate, I convulsed into culinary dramaturge.
The pile of 75 per cent dark chocolate didn’t happen to voice my attention for no reason, nor did the one-kilo of this-week’s-roast from Fiori.

New Guinea Sigri peaberry meet molten chocolate terror.

This recipe was born from talking to UWA food scientist about the food chemistry (and chocolate provenancing). Aside from casually showing me the $3k truffle sitting in his work freezer or the new line of cherry juice made from an usually large cultivar of cherry, it was the influence of salt on our tongues in relation to the intensity to chocolate which piqued my interest. Coffee’s bitterness is somewhat reduced under the influence of salt, so this is coke-snortingly addictive*.

chocoffee  065Ingredients

1 cup of fresh roasted coffee

100 grams fine dark chocolate
(I used Lindt 1/3 chilli, 1/3 Lindt 85% cocao and 1/3 Margaret River chocolate factory 75% dark)

Copious amount of sea salt for sprinkling


Melt chocolate in anyway preferred, (used double boiler)

Place coffee beans in molten chocolate and allow to infuse for 30 min

Line a baking tray with baking paper and lightly dust with salt.

Using a teaspoon, blob two beans at a time on the paper.

Final dusting of salt will ensure your hypertension remains high.

These are not the prettiest presentation of chocolate, as most two beaned blobs are scrotally reminiscent.

*Phenylethylamine, methylated xanthine, dopamine etc.

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