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Thailicious  061Along with Funtastico and Stimulatte, Thailicious has fallen victim to the twitching orifice of business name portmanteau.

Why, oh God why?

Could you not go with nouns? GreenhouseMust, or even Liberté?

Don’t mash up words or else it sounds like you have an ill command of English.

Let’s move on.

I was drawn to the establishment of Thailicious because I saw it had been listed on Urbanspoon as a restaurant as well as wine bar. Asian food matched with good wine is rarer than finding a radiant Swan Valley pinot noir. I was hopeful...

Nothing against the selection of wine on offer (as they all come from one supplier) but I think it may have been aberrantly categorised. You’ll find an (Constellation Wines) inspired wine list: Houghton, Amberley, etc, with very little individualism or creativity. But then again most Asian places that do good food neglect wine.

Thailicious  060
Sweet and demure Thai girls are overtly happy and enthusiastic to serve. While they seraphically helpful, some people may struggle to understand them if they had to explain items from the exhaustive menu. We opted for the staples, pad thai and green curry chicken.

While we were assured the green curry / rice portion was pitched at the same $15 menu item, I’m sure they scaled it back in size as the waitress suggested to get the lunch special $11.
The pad thai ($15) on the fragrantly toned in dried shrimp, peanut, lime and chilli oil with the quantity being substantial for a hungry single person. Pretty close to the best pad thai I’ve had to date.

The green curry was lively, robust though a little too coconutty and the medium heat was just enough to make our eyes smart.Thailicious  059

It’s reasonably cheap (Perth) prices and good service and surroundings. You can see a linear effort has gone into sprucing up the place after Pancakes and Grill moved out.

The menu is testament to the effort, as wickedly incomprehensible it is (I shouldn't be the first to cast stones here in proofing—in fact I should be the last!)

It’s a place that I’d bring extended family, where you can bunker down for plates of diverse flavours and not offend anyone with your choice.


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