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beantemple1You have to be pretty confident to claim you have the best bacon and egg wraps in Sydney when your store is across the road from the police station. I suppose the police won’t check on the validity of your claim, but you can sure as well bet they’ll be trying other places and let you know if your claim is hearsay. 

I’m not going to say they’re the best in Sydney because my sample size was too small (in fact only one). What I can say is that Bean Temple do craft a mighty fine wrap. 


The soft tortilla it’s swaddled in will do wonders for your glycemic index.
It’s that slightly-sweeter-white-bread taste—that any dietician will forewarn against—however it gives a chance for the fillings to sing.
Bacon affirmative. Two eggs, affirmative. Cheese, affirmative. Tomato salsa affirmative. And just in case you’ve not had enough fat: garlic aioli affirmative.
This is don’t-look-at-yourself-in-the-mirror-today good taste. Perhaps too good a taste. While I could have eaten a second wrap in a myocardial infarction, I already felt a wave of satisfying nausea tingle my body by demolishing only one.

beantemple3The coffee was as you’d expect from Darlinghurst—the long black came out with an almost impenetrable crema and brooding quintessential South American character.
You could be correct in saying the squads of Kevlar-clad policemen are paying homage to the Temple every morning for the bacon and egg wraps.
While only having tasted one other (Sydney) wrap, I’m confident to say this would make top five.

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