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There are few restaurants you can go to along the coast on a swelly Sunday morning in winter and get a decent fast-breaker. The cafes and restaurants along West Coast Drive in the Northern Suburbs have priceless vistas that curve along the blue horizon.

It is often just the view as a lure, to enjoy a Sunday brunch, that most people frequent these establishments. Usually the desultory staff (who would otherwise be off chasing a few sets in the surf) are there to greet you, take your order, and deliver your equally desultory food. They would then stare nonchalantly as you let them know your coffee was burnt, and the eggs were still runny.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps because you have not been to Voyage. Voyage Kitchen and Delicatessen is one of the best places to eat along West Coast Drive. It's next to a conspicuous petrol station of the recently misadventured BP, and you have to look around the back parking lot for a vacancy on any given Sunday. It's a place that I've driven past many times, not even considering to dine there.


The cafe is set into a building complex, so ample natural light can penetrate into the darker interior. There are many tables and chairs--a hotchpotch--long benches, large tables and smaller dining ensembles. The space appears concise and vibrant when it's packed to the rafters. By all appearances, it's the quintessential beach-side eatery.

The thing that demarcates it from the rest of the dining wannabes however, is the precision of how it's managed.

We arrived late on a Sunday morning (regretfully didn't book), but we were promptly tended to, seated on a large share table (with the prospect of snapping up another table when it became free). The staff were bright and attentive, asking if everyone was ready to order, and suggested a coffee to start. 

The rest of the scenario panned out like this:

1) we saw a table was free within 5 min of being seated anyway and asked our wait staff.

2) 5 min later we were seated at the said table (wiped), also with an ice bucket and champagne glasses we also had requested (for the Cava we brought), and the coffees delivered.

3) within a comfortable 10 min we had ordered our meals.

A hiccup of the morning, one of us ordered Eggs Benedict 'well done'. They arrived runny. We sent it back with no fuss from the waiter, and new one arrived soon after. All things considered, these guys were under the pump. They would have turned the tables over at least twice that busy sunday, so I suppose my point here is to show, a job well done. 

I'm not going to write about the food (as a quick search on urbanspoon will confirm how good it is). Best casual brekky thus far. Quality ingredients go a long way.

The Cava also went down a treat, and topped off a boozy Sunday brunch.

Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad [Pedenès, Spain] Light, floral, citrus with a fine chalk-like structure. Not overtly complex, but some lusciousness of autolysis character just popping though, more evident as the wine warmed up from 10c. The crunchy acidic core compliments most of what is going on over the nose, it's a style of Cava made according to méthode champenoise, that is approachable from many angles -- visually for starters. 

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