St Sebastiaan 'Grand Cru' Doppelbock

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Hands up who loves the great 'nectar of gods'? You would be well aware then, of the monopolistic disposition Belgium holds amongst the brew kings of the world.

With a long heritage stemming back before 1500's, beer brewing has more of less be perfected in the adage 'less is more' when it comes to flavouring beers and truly crafting the amber liquid. Trappist beers (those made by order of Monks) are common in this part of the world, however the below mentioned beer though having an ecclesiastical connotation has no appellation label denoting 'Trappist Beer'. Without further a do enjoy this beer

St Sebastiaan 'Grand Cru' Blond Strong Beer "Doppelbock" [Belgium] (Crown seal - Ceramic swingtop vessel) 7.6%

For those not dissuaded by the $20 per bottle price tag, may rest assured you will receive many years of service from a 'ye olde worlde' ceramic bottle. Aptly serviceable for any liquid from spirit to vinaigrette its glazed inside and out or quite nice addition to any already overly cluttered beer bottle shelf in your house. But back to the beer. This is a malty, yeasty beer akin to the fluffy fillingness brought on from 50's diner vanilla milkshake. The top notes bear resemblance to light banana and slight hints of cloves, on the mouth it's filling and rich, but also distinctly metallic. Kind of similar to licking a steel knife after preparing a Vegemite and banana sandwich- after you have eaten several rounds. Its warm not suprising due to the hefty 7.6% alcohol percentage but is duly balanced within the rounded flavour profile. Don't drink this if you are after a refreshing brew, conversely when you want one beer that counts.

Quality not quantity is the go here; and at $20 per bottle unless you want or feel like a pregnant yak, just err on the side of caution and indulge in one.

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